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New to wigs? Read this first.



Hello and welcome to Nettie's Hairtique!  If you're reading this that means you're on a hunt for new wig but need some questions answered before you're actually ready to commit. No worries we got you covered.

Jumping right into this I would say start off with choosing a hairstyle that you are comfortable wearing. A style that you would normally wear your hair in so it's not such a drastic change, I call it easing your way into the glamourous wig life we all love so much. We can get caught up watching wigs being made and put on people and it looks so good on them and we all want that glamourous look!

I suggest starting with a wig that's between 10-14", it's easier to maintain and looks natural. You can still have a beautiful unit without the loooong lengths and this way you can get acquainted with your new unit without investing too much at first.

These are pictures of 14" units.

Bob units

Choosing a texture that fits you is also a good starting point.  If you are a curly gal and love the curly look go for a curly texture like our deep curly, tropical deep wave, or loose curly for a looser curl effect.  Maintenance is not a headache with our top tier quality, all you need is a spray bottle, leave-in conditioner/mousse, and a denman brush to revive your curls when needed. Looking for a straighter look go with our Silky straight or Body wave textures.  If you prefer straight hair with some texture our Kinky Straight would be for you.

Next up is the most important detail when having a custom wig made SIZE.  Yes size does matter! Take the time to measure your head to ensure your unit will fit when you get it.  This step will also help us make your unit personalized to fit Your head so you don't have to use sticky glue applications if you don't want to.  We have the options to choose the circumference but we urge our customers to also provide the other measurements in the note section.  Provide them once and we store the info for any future orders.

PSA📢 Don't assume your measurements are the same as someone else's.  When I first started making wigs my mom was one of my first customers.  I made the wig with my measurements thinking we were the same size, after all I am a replica of the woman!  Turned out the wig was too big, I measured her head to find out her head circumference was an inch smaller as were all the other measurements.

We offer two different types of caps, mesh dome(MDC) & mesh ventilated caps(MVC).  Mesh ventilated caps are the ideal wig cap.  They are designed for wig making and offer a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable experience.  Mesh dome caps also offer these things except its not open in the middle for your hair to truly breath and get to the scalp for a quick scratch!

Keep this in mind.  When I make my personal units I use the MVC when making majority of my units. When I want a deep side part or want to be able to adjust my wig where I want even if it's a middle part I use a MDC. The reason for this is because the MVC's have ear tabs that are only comfortable sitting behind the ear.

Ventilated Mesh Dome Cap

Mesh Dome Cap


About maintenance

Maintenance is very important if you want to keep the integrity of the hair.  Buying wigs these days is not cheap and to get the most out of your investment we suggest keeping your wig clean.  We offer a Wig Revive service where we will wash, condition, give deep treatment, and restyle for you. If you are familiar with caring for your units, make sure you are washing and conditioning your units as needed.  We have a blog on caring for your unit, go check it out if you want to take care of your wigs yourself.